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Posted 31 May 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve heard that basil is strong.  According to a little plastic spike that came with my plant, I can pretty much pay it no mind as long as it gets enough light.  That’s nice.  I wonder if this is also true of children.  Luckily, I have none upon which to test this out.

It’s Memorial Day and I woke up about a half and hour ago, much thanks to God and kava kava root.  Last night I prayed for Him to give me the cyber-psychogenic abilities to put the dog across the hall into a peaceful slumber until 9 am, so that I might, too be able to sleep till 9 am.  It worked.  It’s 7:52 am and I haven’t heard a peep.  Last night, I lay in bed and prayed for a lot of my friends and it felt nice.  To have good will and some way to express that good will without having to move your body–is really worth something.  “I didn’t help you clear out your garage, but I did pray that the mold on your ____ would subside.”  (Forgive me, I’m only half awake.)

I’m blogging this morning because I left my journal in my car and do not want to trek across the land to get it.  What do you mean by trek across the land, Alanna?  I mean that the lot where I park my car is 300 feet away from my house, and this morning I am too lazy to journey those 300 feet.

I have the sense that I am babbling and that this could go on for some time.  I’m excited about this week because it involves painting and making music.  Also because I realize that I am in a bit more of a pinch than I thought.  And I need to market my wares and try to drum up business.  Also, I learned this morning, I made my Immaculate website much in the style of a Creative Director at an ad agency without realizing what I was doing.  This morning, I looked up “artistic director” and “creative director” and learned that the former denotes employment at a non-profit agency while the other normally functions at an advertising agency.  Whoever wrote the Wiki entry for “creative director” wanted to make the point very clear that a creative director has chops and experience and has basically earned the right to direct others.  I don’t have chops.  Or experience.  But I did have a head injury and an uncanny relationship to language and society as a result.   Does that count?

My hands smell like garlic chicken drumsticks.

I have not touched a garlic chicken drumstick this morning.

Ah, the sun rises over the city.  Dear Lord, I pray that you would preserve us and protect us from catastrophe for a while.  Please lead, guide, and inspire my path, as the Irish like to say, “may the road rise to meet [me]” and may you give me confidence and trust in what choices to make.

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