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Posted 20 Jul 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, not right now.  I’m pooped.  I spent the day working at  I realize I know nothing about AP style, and for the most part my feeling is that I may not be fit to be anything other than myself.  Dammit!  How am I supposed to make a living!  :)

It was a good day, for all of my ignorance and fumbling, I really enjoyed the work of trying to edit content into something readable.  I wasn’t even successful at it, but I was engaged from the very cortex of my brain and that was a pleasant experience, even though I would really like a stiff drink now to ease the mental strain.

It’s always kinda exciting to meet people who have the same goals as you who are more organized and effective than you are.  Or differently organized and effective than you are.  Eric Richardson is such a person.  He’s the publisher of the blog and he rather amazes me with the clarity of his thinking and doing.

There’s all of this writing that happens online that has to do with personal, subjective experience.  His blog is not about that. . .It’s matter-of-factly interested and involved in the development of a community through adept coverage.  I feel funny because I like it so much and it’s so different than anything I do.  His writing is like Apple computers.  A great interface, truly user / reader friendly.

I’m exhausted and yet not able to go to bed because I am unsatisfied with my imperfections as a writer.

When will there be a place for a publication of haiku for business professionals?

The news is best when

written with a diamond point

sharp, clear, and precise

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