Letter to the Los Angeleans | Emergency Songs, No. 1

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Posted 05 Mar 2011 in Uncategorized

Mindy Chiu addresses Los Angeles about the imminent threat of catastrophe, making note of October 17th as a highly likely date (50% probability) for The Big One. From Emergency Songs by Monk Turner + Fascinoma: www.fascinoma.bandcamp.com (to listen / download) Many thanks to the Emergency Choir (not pictured): Louis Allen, Llowelyn Grace Adefuin, Kate Angelis, Rachel Bar-Gadda, Chad Bloom, Rickie Wang, Casey Cole, Christine Gengaro, Alanna Lin, Kim Lazareck, Gregory Watanabe, Scott Okamoto, Brian Marquis, Anne Masuda, Stephanie Sabo, Oscar Schedin, Monk Turner, and Gary Yao.

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