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Posted 26 Apr 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, after much hemming and hawing, I think I’ve finally figured out what’s going on musically.  I’m resuming my functions as a performer, singer person, but three years from the time I went on involuntary hiatus, I have a much better idea of what on earth I am here to do.  It scares me that it can take three years.  It scares me even worse that some things take 30 years.  A generous human life span is 90 years.  3 bites (30 years each) and you are dead.  And the playground is closed, and the ground swallows you up.

That said, Monk and I were meeting on Mondays to figure out how to perform Emergency Songs live.  It’s been a refreshingly alien backward process of writing and recording and NOT hauling ANY GEAR ANYWHERE.  I don’t haul children (because I haven’t made any).  And I feel even less compelled to haul an over-sized amp.  Someone needs to start a company called “Dainty Amps” — because those things aren’t compact enough to fit into a purse.  And that’s a shame.

So. We were rehearsing the other week and sounding quite lame as a duo.  The album is a production, Monk’s best instincts mixed with a little input from me.   The rehearsal felt like a skeleton of our intentions. . . blah blah blah. . .I said something.  Monk said something.  I made some calls to new acquaintances and steady old friends.  And so tonight, we gathered in my domicile and wiggled notes.  Things sounded REALLY BAD at first — not them, the notes — but after a warm up period, we got going and it became: fun.

This has to come to an end — this blog post.  Because it’s late and I feel I’m at the word count maximum for my own interest.  But my point is this. . .To understand who you are and what the FFFFF you’re doing, helps give life a sense of structure.  It’s weird that we’re not just badminton whatever those things are called — to be tossed to and fro.  We have integrity in our persons.  Truth within.

I’m going to put a Dainty Amp on that and see what happens.

Stay tuned ,pyjrtgivlrtd (this is a bad word, I shifted my hands over one key position to the right to hide my profane impulses)!

With appreciation for life and everyone in this boat.


Alanna Mindy Whatever

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