Men In Suits

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Posted 04 May 2011 in Uncategorized

What are they doing
these boys running the world
when they just left the swinging playground
and ran to mom to tend their bruises
the girls look like boys too but that’s just a lie
let me be powerless if I get to wear what I want
right now, it’s petroleum jelly and a quasi-silk robe
the day has been long, but the day is done
out on the Marina, I could hardly believe
the boats out here all this time while I was singing songs in downtown LA
dry earth place, cars parked on old tar beds
today was a day of trains and sweethearts, drivers
who took me places without asking for full fare
I changed three buses and that sense of picking up
where I was going next, episodes connected by their
sleeves, conversations with people not known but
not unfamiliar—one ocean—
LA is home to me,
city of portals and intersections
of you and you and you

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