The Nature of Forgiveness = A Breakfast Date

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Posted 16 Oct 2011 in Uncategorized

After much gnawing and maybe a little reflection. . .I think forgiveness is about recognizing that all parties that one encounters in this life are like you — on a journey, where they will, like you, make mistakes, and to hope for them good change and growth, that with any luck / grace they will not have to make the same bad choice again and again.  Injury resulting from someone’s error in judgement is kind of inevitable.  What feels much worse is harboring hatred, ill-will, and generally, a lack of love or compassion for a person who has done (you) wrong.

If you can view the person who might otherwise be seen as an enemy as a not-yet-friend, but a friend-in-process. . .you’ve forgiven them.  Which is not to say you will brunching together anytime soon, but at least the possibility exists.

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