The Necessity of a Manicure

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Posted 16 Oct 2011 in Uncategorized

Oh grody cuticles.

There’s something about mangy hands that have always served as a source of pride for me.  At least up until recent years.  As a kid, we took piano lessons so we always had to keep our fingernails short.  This meant, inelegant, but highly active hands.  Polish was for dummies who attended to superficial cosmetic goals.

But when I think about polish and nail color as an objection to death, to the growth of moss over the face and fingertips, I think it really does serve to enliven the spirit.  I think we need reminders that to persist towards beauty, to slough off weary greyed skin-cells, symbolic of wearying habits, is in effect a nod at fleeting perfection which is all there is in this life.  I also like the idea of being hospitable to passing beams of sunlight that might wish to raise a gleam from my fingertips. . .It’s not a waste of money that could be better spent on car insurance.

Car insurance gives one a vague sense of rape and comfort that in a catastrophic event, you’ll end up with a slightly reduced bill.

Mani-pedicures give one the sense that the world is vibrating harmoniously, especially if the salon you go to has really nice massage chairs.

For this excess, Lord, I give you thanks.



Alanna Lin

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