The Sneezing Man

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Posted 09 Dec 2011 in Uncategorized

Outside of my humble abode
There is a man with a cold
Though I can’t see him
He’s audibly sneezing
As if with a snout full of mold

The courtyard does amplify grace
But also does broadcast disgrace
He sounds like a heifer
In terrible weather
Blowing his face off his face

Dear God, why has he no manners?
As youth did no mother him love?
What drives him to cast out his demons
In public, as snot and mucus?

By morning, in scant peace and quiet
I sip of my morning cup
But then Brutus, the wizard of tonsils
Does belch, burp, cough, sneeze, and hiccup

The force of his exhalations
Like cannonball, airhorn, and turd
Makes of my morning reflections
Mince-eyed, most bitter, perturbed.

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