The Fruity Goodness of the Lord | Psalm 139a+

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Posted 17 Sep 2012 in Uncategorized

fruit salad [605]

The wisdom of the Lord
is like a bag of fruit from
the market, eat the strawberries
first before their fumes ruin you
the cherries, next, because
you don’t want to keep them waiting —
laugh at the bananas for they
are the inspiration of men, free
grapes from the stem, then pop them into your mouth
in quick succession, be proud, and then
weigh kiwis in your hands
before trading them for oranges
which can be squeezed over salad greens
to produce the effect of the
Italian Riviera
and when you are done
eating all things good
wipe the juice from your hands
and give thanks you didn’t
have to make any of that
in order
to partake


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