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Belt and Hair

Posted 24 Oct 2012 — by
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Chairmeowww shares IYCTH: Innovations You Can Try At Home Music by Monk Turner and Fascinoma, “Where’s My Horse” off the Read More

Revised Psalm 143

Posted 20 Sep 2012 — by alannalin
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For this psalm I just tried to recast the enemy in a more personal way. . .

Lord, hear my prayer;
in your faithfulness listen to my plea.
Answer me in your kindness.

Do not judge your servant– we both know
Before you no living being can be just
My life is crushed to the ground
I am surrounded by darkness
My spirit is faint within me
My heart is dismayed
But I remember history
I recall the working of your hands
For the Jews and for me
I reach for you
I thirst for you
But the desert overtakes me. . .

Answer me, Lord!
For my spirit fails me
Do not hide your face from me
Lest I descend into the pit of despair
At dawn draw near and let me hear your voice
I’ve known your kindness
In you I trust
Show me the path I should walk
To you I entrust my life
Rescue me Lord
In you I hope
Teach me to do your will
For you are my God, my guide
Into the depths and up to the summit

No ground is level
For man but the grave
But in your name
There is life

Lead me out of my suffering
Put an end to my woe
Destroy what attacks my soul
And hold me in your love.
I am your servant, your child
May I bear your likeness.

The Fruity Goodness of the Lord | Psalm 139a+

Posted 17 Sep 2012 — by alannalin
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fruit salad [605]

The wisdom of the Lord
is like a bag of fruit from
the market, eat the strawberries
first before their fumes ruin you
the cherries, next, because
you don’t want to keep them waiting —
laugh at the bananas for they
are the inspiration of men, free
grapes from the stem, then pop them into your mouth
in quick succession, be proud, and then
weigh kiwis in your hands
before trading them for oranges
which can be squeezed over salad greens
to produce the effect of the
Italian Riviera
and when you are done
eating all things good
wipe the juice from your hands
and give thanks you didn’t
have to make any of that
in order
to partake


Oh Goodness This Is An Attempt

Posted 27 Jul 2012 — by alannalin
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Duly Noted

Posted 02 Apr 2012 — by alannalin
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Well, just because the blogosphere is my favorite sphere,  I think I need to mark for the record, that my intuitions from a few days ago seem to be on target.  I guess another word for intuition is being a human being and not able to predict that future, but having a strong sense of what direction to go at any given point in time.  In the scheme of things, I guess, that scheme being LIFE — we hunger for moments of confirmation of the unseen within ourselves — or at work in the world.  It makes it a much better place, full of belonging and surprises.




Alanna Lin Is Seriously Happy

Posted 29 Mar 2012 — by alannalin
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Hi. My name is Alanna Lin. I am Seriously Happy and I have been for the last five minutes.
I am. . .13,140+ days old. I wonder how I would tabulate my exact number of days alive.
Anyway, today is a good day. I just had a three and a half hour meeting with M.R. about Lanny the Psycho Blogger.
I also have an intuition that I will duly note here.

Spending the next hour in Eagle Rock before going back up to the office for a little meditation. How hilarious is that.
I have been reflecting on the following acronym for a while. Maybe I should take a picture of it. I will. Hang on.

The Real Secret

Who’s Gonna Love You (Track 7 – FASCINOMA)

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Words and Music by Fascinoma For album, click here: Album Credits: Recorded by John Paterno. Mixed and mastered by Read More

Poem – Android My Ass

Posted 10 Jan 2012 — by alannalin
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for my Android Phone Optimus LG from Sprint

My finger grows large

It’s this culture

Guided by cell phone manufacturers

Narrow your focus

Drag your digit around

You’re getting somewhere

The truth is

It would be difficult to make

A snowball with one finger

It would be even more difficult to bake

A pie with one finger

Unless it was a finger pie

In which case

You could damage

The universe

With your tongue

Which might be



I take my carpel tunnel

And my dreams

And steam them

Over a cup of hot tea

Read a book with my hands

Hold hands with myself

Hand over my regrets

Or balance them like

Raisins on my peanut butter


You win some

You finger some

That was not what I meant

I’m So Late

Posted 27 Dec 2011 — by alannalin
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But I just finished watching the last couple seasons of FNL without riding my stationary bike.

Instead I was completely given over to simply being stationary, as myself in my own body, on my bed / chair, eyes fixed on laptop.

I really can’t write very much about this subject, except, there is no question that the show is riveting because rarely do you get to know anyone as well as you get to know the characters in that series.  43 minutes an episode. . .Deep portraits of normal humans.  What folks are made of.   The love and the struggle.

Wah. Wah, wah.

I Said It For the First Time

Posted 26 Dec 2011 — by alannalin
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Tonight, someone asked me about what writing project I was working on.

I said, well, it’s about having an alter-ego that thinks she has been given a mission to. . .(big pause) save Los Angeles from Earthquake Unpreparedness and re-present Christianity in a feminine and sexually integrated way from the view point of a cat.  I explained how I had been writing responsorial poems to books of the Torah and the Old Testament (Catholic edition) as the incarnation of Hello Kitty.  And the conversation had a little hiccup there and was over.  The book of poems has a ghost-title, “The Bible 4 Cat Lovers” — What the heck is wrong with me I sometimes ask myself, and then I go back to Netflix and don’t think about it.


P.S. I’m on the season 5 of Friday Night Lights.  It’s a binge.